Wrench is a motorsports mechanic simulator

Wrench is in early access and is playable with a mouse and keyboard on windows gaming PCs or with VR using motion controllers.

Players are responsible for maintaining a growing number of the cars systems. Currently this includes:
  • Engine and Cylinder Head
  • Full suspension
  • Braking system
  • Fuel System
  • Cooling System
  • Ignition Components

The Bauer LTD Catfish is the first vehicle to be included in Wrench.

Early Access means Wrench isn’t done yet. Portions of the game are placeholder and major features are will change during development. Review our roadmap to see where Wrench is headed.

Differentiating features:
  • Extreme attention to component detail. Parts are laboriously recreated, no generic components, no part is too mundane to be fully realized.

  • The most intricate mechanical systems in the auto repair genre.

  • Accurate fastener torque simulation and growing assembly procedure complexity.

  • Development direction is responsive to community feedback.
Development Roadmap
Phase one (Unlimited update)
Cooling System
Fuel System
New aftermarket parts- Turbos, Aero, etc.
New Unlimited class car prep
New shop tools. Engine stand, gantry crane, work lights, ePODS
New gameplay flow, customer cars, job board.
Guided Introduction
Introduction of money
Shop Radio with ability to play local user music
UI overhaul
Desktop and VR interaction improvements
Phase 2
The Exocet chassis
More go fast parts, more content
Fuel System and remaining OEM parts
Improvements to unboxing parts and part delivery
Overhaul pocket and inventory interface for both desktop and VR
Diagnotistic Jobs and more customer car job variety
Driver pace control and fuel stops during races
Player XP + skill tree progression
VR and desktop. Tool belt and custom tool inventory
Race sim visual polish
Support for community translations
Core systems rework
Mod support
Race sim overhaul. more intricate race behavior and track simulation
Multiple race tracks with full visuzations of track from pit road
Chassis, and engine tuning. Tune for specific tracks, tune for driver prefernces, tune for power.
Advanced customer jobs
More content for existing chassis and engine
New engine/drivetrain
Update history on the Steam News Hub