Q: Will Wrench have Coop support?
A: Yes, please see our roadmap.

Q: What parts are in the current early access build?
A: Wrench current includes:
  • The Catfish chassis
  • Engine Bottom + cylinder Head
  • Braking ststem (minus the brake lines)
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Ignition components
  • Clutch and flywheel parts
  • Steering parts
Q: How does Wrench Cost?
A: During early access Wrench will be $19.99 in the USA. Steam manages pricing for different markets so if you are outside the USA the price will be adjusted to whatever is comparable in your region. After early access is over expect the price to be higher.

Q: Are you going to add “X” car to Wrench?
A: We will be looking to add more chassis after the Catfish and Exocet are more complete.

Q: Will you add "X" engine?
A: More drivetrains are planned.

Q:Where is my save file stored?

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